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Žiadosť o pripojenie zdroja na výrobu elektriny do distribučnej sústavy.

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A notice for electricity producers

With effect as of 1 April 2015, VSD as a distribution system operator will accept Applications for the connection of a power generation equipment into the regional distribution system only based on up-to-date forms published on this website in the Electricity Producers part. The restriction of connecting sources with installed capacity over 10 kW into the distribution system, valid as of 4 December 2013, remains valid up to now.

Connection of a source with capacity over 10 kW

Filing of an application for the connection of a power generation source into the distribution system is the first step in the process of connecting an energy equipment for electricity production (hereinafter referred to as "power generation equipment") into the distribution system:

This application is used for the elaboration of a binding statement of VSD, a.s. as a distribution system operator on the connection of the power generation equipment.

The application must contain the following attachments:

  • A certificate for the construction of an energy source in terms of Art. 12 of Act. No. 251/2012 Coll. (the certificate is not necessary if the construction is of an energy source from solar energy, and is located on a roof structure or a perimeter cladding of one building connected with the ground by solid foundations, which is registered in the cadastral register, with the total installed capacity up to 100 kW inclusive, and at the same time, the construction is of the first energy equipment for power generation from solar energy on the roof structure or the perimeter cladding of the building, or an energy equipment for power generation with the total installed capacity up to 1 MW, which uses other primary energy source than solar energy).
  • A Certificate of Title to the property in question (for equipments for power generation from solar energy – photovoltaic power plants, it is necessary to submit a Certificate of Title to a building registered in the cadastral register).
  • A Consent of owners of the property in question – contract of lease, future contract, contract of sale and the like. The consent is not necessary if the property owner is at the same time the applicant for connection.
  • A map of the surroundings at 1:10,000 or 1:5,000 with a marked location of the power generation source.
  • Design documentation of the source (its construction and electrical engineering part) without arrangement of the connection – design documentation in this stage of the application consists of a summary technical report describing a way and technology of its production, a unipolar scheme of the source connection with technical data and catalogue sheets with characteristics – photovoltaic panels, inverters, transformers, generators, cogenerations unit and the like.
  • A site plan at 1:1,000 (1:2,880) with a marked offtake point and adjacent objects – a copy of the cadastral map with parcel numbers of individual real estates.

You can deliver your applications as follows:

  • in writing to the following address: Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s., Mlynská 31, 042 91 Košice,
  • handing them in directly in the filing office of VSD, a.s., Mlynská 31 in Košice,
  • handing them in directly in our Client Centres in Košice, Prešov, Poprad and Michalovce.

VSD, a.s. as a distribution system operator accepts only complete applications for the connection of power generation sources into the distribution system with all the above mentioned attachments and issues only binding statements with such information that is needed in order to connect a power generation source into the distribution system of VSD, a.s. An incomplete application will not be recorded and the applicant will be asked to complete it. Each application will be recorded as of the delivery date of a complete application with relevant attachments.

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