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Prvým krokom v procese pripojenia energetického zariadenia na výrobu elektriny do distribučnej sústavy je podanie žiadosti o pripojenie.

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Electricity Producers

Filing of an application for connection is the first step in the process of connecting an energy equipment for electricity production into the distribution system. This application is used for the elaboration of a binding statement of VSD. Our company is also legally obliged to act as a participant in the support system for the electricity produced from renewable energy sources and from sources of high-efficiency combined heat and power generation. A duty of such producers to notify VSD relates to the process stated above.

Connection of Source

A description of the process of a source connection (power generation equipment) into the distribution system of VSD and related documents.

Data Reporting

Reporting data by the producers in terms of valid legislation of the SR and Operating Rules of VSD.