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VSD, a.s. v súčasnosti vlastní, inštaluje, prevádzkuje a odčítava pre účely fakturácie elektronické aj indukčné meradlá.

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Measuring the electricity distribution

In terms of the Energy Act, Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s., as a metering owner and administrator within a defined area of its distribution activity, uses several types of electricity meters. Electricity meters are of various technical fabrications and have different level of functionalities depending on the needs of metering and registration of electric quantity.

The basic functionality of electricity meters is the metering of a customer electricity consumption volume which is distributed by our company for the billing purposes.

The biggest share of currently installed electricity meters in the distribution system belongs to induction (electromechanical) electricity meters. Their renewal or generation change for static (digital) electricity meters was commenced by VSD, a.s. in the course of 2010, almost 50,000 pieces of new static electricity meters are installed every year. Smart electricity meters form a special category of static electricity meters and are installed within the Smart Metering system. These smart electricity meters are able to communicate remotely with the data and communication center of our company, while the communication is bidirectional

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Statický (digitálny) elektromer