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Prevažne technické informácie súvisiace s distribučnou sústavou, jej prevádzkou a samotnou distribúciou elektriny.

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Information and Documents

Mostly technical information related to the distribution system, its operation and the electricity distribution. Electricity metering conditions determine a composition of parts of metering sets, their technical specifications and conditions for their placement as well as connection of electricity metering of those offtake points that are powered from the distribution grid within the supply area of VSD.

Technical Conditions

They represent a binding document for all users of the distribution system of VSD. They also specify the minimum technical-constructional and operational requirements in order to connect into the distribution system.

Measuring the Electricity Distribution

At present, VSD owns, installs, operates and reads electronic and induction electricity meters for the billing purposes. For selected offtake points, it installs meters with a possibility of remote reading.

Planned Interruptions

Companies and organizations have a possibility to receive notifications of planned electricity distribution interruptions via email or text messages. Households can browse through an overview of planned interruptions by municipalities and streets.