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Linka VSD: 0850 123 312, Poruchová linka VSD: 0800 123 332, Klientské centrá, Linka ZO: +421 55 610 2222.

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Poruchová linka
0800 123 332
Zákaznícka linka
0850 123 312
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VSD Hotline: 0850 123 312

If you have any queries related to the distribution price lists, price of services, electricity metering, supplier switch, interruptions, but also complaints, you can contact us via phone: We are here for you on working days 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

VSD Emergency Hotline: 0800 123 332

You will get current updates on failures 24/7 on our free phone 0800 123 332 and you can also report outages in the electricity distribution.

Clients Centers

If you prefer a personal contact, or you need to deal with matters that require a delivery of written materials, you can visit one of our 2 Clients Centers. We are here for you in Košice and Prešov on working days.

Vulnerable Customer Hotline: +421 55 610–2222

The phone number is used for communication of a vulnerable customer with the distribution system operator in case of the approval of receiving information about planned interruptions of the electricity distribution into their offtake point. The contact person for communication with vulnerable customers is an operator on duty of VSD, a.s.

Ochrana osobných údajov

Zodpovedná osoba zabezpečuje dohľad nad ochranou osobných údajov pri spracúvaní osobných údajov u prevádzkovateľa. Kontaktovať ju môžete prostredníctvom e-mailu na alebo písomne na adrese spoločnosti.
Obálku označte nápisom „do rúk Zodpovednej osoby“.

Expert Units

In some cases, our partners can contact VSD in their specific roles. The following contact details of selected expert units are designated for them.

Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s.
Mlynská 31
042 91 Košice

T +421 (0) 850 123 312
F +421 55 678–6516