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Program je určený pre fyzické a právnické osoby, ktoré spĺňajú odborné kritéria na projektovanie v oblasti energetiky.

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Partnership with VSD

The "Partnership with VSD" programme is intended for natural and legal persons that met professional criteria of designing in the energy area. VSD, a.s. recommends these project partners to applicants for the connection to the distribution system of VSD, a.s. as qualified and reliable partners with high standard of work.

The aim of the programme is to inform designers about new materials and solutions in the distribution system of VSD, a.s.

VSD, a.s. supports registered project partners of VSD by the following:

  1. they will be kept in a database of recommended designers for the elaboration of design documentation for applicants for the connection to the distribution system of VSD;
  2. they will have an opportunity to access professional and technical information in VSD;
  3. they will gain information about updated output documents of VSD.

If you want to become a member of the "Partnership with VSD" programme, you need to:

  1. link register as a user of this web page;
  2. and fill in an Application form for an addition of a partner.