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Výberové konania na tovary, práce a služby realizujeme v súlade s platnou legislatívou Slovenskej republiky a podľa interných smerníc rešpektujúcich Kódex správania RWE.

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Suppliers of Services

Tenders for goods, works and services are carried out in compliance with the valid legislation of the Slovak Republic and in accordance with internal guidelines that respect the Code of Conduct of RWE. The transparency of the procurement process offers equal opportunities for all potential suppliers. In order to cooperate and communicate with our suppliers effectively, we use an application called Vendor portal. A summary of technical and legal requirements, inspections and norms that must be met by the materials used in the distribution system of VSD.


Current tenders, pre-qualification of suppliers, evaluation of suppliers, OHS.


Information for subjects that are involved in the construction of the distribution system of VSD, a.s. by supplying materials, works and design documentations.

Projects Partners

VSD offers a programme called „Partnership with VSD“ whose aim is to provide for a close cooperation between „project partners of VSD“ and VSD itself.

Suppliers' Portal

VSD, a.s. uses a vendor portal for effective cooperation and communication with its suppliers. The portal is available for registered suppliers of selected types of works only.