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Aplikačné prostredie webEDM (Energy Data Management) slúži na poskytovanie nameraného profilu odberu elektriny odberného miesta alebo dodávkového profilu elektriny odovzdávacieho miesta s meraním typu A.

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web EDM

The webEDM (Energy Data Management) application environment is used to provide the measured offtake profile of an offtake point or an electricity supply profile of a delivery point with the A metering type. The environment is adjusted to the computer-computer type of communication.

Data are provided to an electricity supplier on the EIC code level for such period of time in which the given offtake point or point of delivery was marked with the EIC code of its balance group.

Information regarding standard load profiles, normal temperature and informative (not guaranteed) balancing aggregate data of a clearing entity is provided as well. Data composed by the clearing authority (OKTE, a.s.) are considered binding balance data.

The access to the webEDM portal is subject to the addition of a partner into the electricity supplier role.

Those electricity producers and end customers that were using the webEDM service to access the measured data for their EIC code up to now can use an application called Information about consumption and production.